How to put your webpage on the Internet

Have you ever finished a tutorial, video, or self learning article which teaches you how to code a website? They will help you develop a website on your own computer, but often stop short of actually getting the thing online. And you’re just left hanging!

The good news is – you’ve done the development, and you’ve got yourself a great website.… Read the rest

Words you’ll come across as a web developer

When you get involved with making websites you’ll come across a lot of new words and expressions that seemingly all mean more or less the same thing. When I started out I was very confused about the difference between a “Web Hotel” and “Web Hosting”. As it turned out, they are the same thing:

Web hosting is a service that allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web.

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How to style typography and create a responsive layout with CSS

In the previous post I explained how to add semantic meaning to a raw text using markup in HTML.

In this 12 minute video I’ll add custom typography, colours and layout to my webpage, while making sure it will work well on mobile as well as desktop browsers.

Here is the live code, which you can play around with if you wish.… Read the rest

How to turn a text into HTML

In this video I explain how to give a raw text semantic meaning with HTML markup. This will tell the browser what part of the text are headers, a link, list and paragraphs.

Here is the live code, which you can play around with if you wish.

See the Pen Intro to markup in HTML by Eystein Mack Alnaes (@eystein) on CodePen.… Read the rest